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12 Years a Slave

295.00 150.00
History of Slavery & Emancipation by Solomon Northup  (Author) Paperback

A treasury of impressionism

500.00 300.00
ART BY : Nathaniel Harris Hardcover

Bollywood Boom: India’s Rise as a Soft Power

399.00 100.00
non fiction / cinema Author: Roopa Swaminathan Paperback

James Herriot’s Yorkshire

900.00 300.00
Travel Pictorials [second s] by James Herriot  (Author), Derry Brabbs (Photographer) Hardcover

Photographs of the Unknown

3,500.00 250.00
Occult (Books) Authors: Robert J. M. Rickard, Richard Kelly Hardcover 

Signs of the City: Metropolis Speaking

3,300.00 300.00
[seconds] Typography (Books) English by Rudolf Netzelmann (Editor), Peter Winkles (Editor), Stefan Horn (Editor) Paperback

The films of Akira Kurosawa

995.00 300.00
FILM Updated Paperback BY:Donald Richie (Author)